Termatalia Bridging the Latin Thermal Health Tourism to the World

termatalia0001TERMATALIA Is the only specialized fair in the world that represents a thermal bridge between Europe and Latin America, bringing together professionals from 40 countries with the presence of 260 exhibitors (Termatalia 2017) reflecting the good moment that crosses the tourism of health around the World. Termatalia 2017 held in Expourense, OURENSE, the Thermal Capital of Spain is a very successful international event, a wonderful rendevouz for global Latin Thermal SPA professionals to learn, to exchange and to channel to the world.IMG_6145

Business and training are the two main tasks of  Termatalia, the second edition of  Termatalia International Health Forum is tremendouly successful with about 20 great speakers from around the world: Laszlo Puczko, the world renowned expert and master of Health, Tourism and Hospitality; and Andrew Jacka, so-called “SPA Gentleman’ is the Chairman of   Asia-Pacic Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC) ; as for Spa Lady Windy’s topic on “Healing Tourism with Hot Spring in Asia” received great response.IMG_7036

Some of the destinations present at the fair also had the opportunity to appear before tour operators and specialized media press. Galicia is the Thermal Center in Spain with more than 300 springs, accompanied by modern infrastructures, with 20 spas offering 3,000 accommodation places. And the Thermal City OURENSE is absolutely fabulous(❀◕‿◕♨)
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Termatalia 2018 will be held in Brazil, Foz de Iguaçu, the Thermal headquarters of Termatalia Brasil 2018.
The date will be September 19-21, 2018.Termatalia2018 (2)

Termatalia是拉丁世界(包括歐洲及拉丁美洲甚至非洲)最大也最具影響力的溫泉SPA健康養生展,今年共計邀請了20多位大師及演講嘉賓,「溫泉女王」Spa Lady楊麗芳很榮幸以正聲廣播「一級棒的溫泉鄉」節目主持人及溫泉Power Up加值研發中心首席顧問的身分,代表亞洲的溫泉界發表有關亞洲溫泉癒療觀光現況的英文演講。IMG_7019

「第17屆國際溫泉旅遊暨健康養生展(Termatalia )」大會更提供”SPALADY WINDY TAIWAN“的大攤位給溫泉女王,兩天活動中「正聲一級棒的溫泉鄉」向來自全球40個國家的溫泉業者、專家、國際媒體記者以及溫泉SPA的愛好者,介紹了台灣豐富的溫泉資源,身著國旗裝的溫泉女王不僅與各國同業交流心得,並在現場訪問了許多各國代表,許多來賓不分國籍爭相合照,讓我們成功完成了一個漂亮的溫泉外交,讓國際認識台灣溫泉的特色與魅力~♨~✿♥‿♥✿

IMG_6113 (1)For more details about Termatalia, please check at:
http://www.termatalia.com/ termatalia-logo

【CSBC Ichiban Onsen ♨️】0128

Sunday 1pm Taiwan Time (Sunday 6 am Madrid/Paris Time)

Wonderful Latin Thermal Program

Taiwan “Onsen Queen” Spa Lady interviewed #Termatalia Chairman Alejandro Rubin Carballo, Deputy Emma González and representatives and Press from Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, France, Mexico talking about the wonderful Thermal wellness in the Latin world.

Healing Spanish love songs:

🎵Llegaste Tú


🎵Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti


發表者:Onsen Queen 溫泉女王

Spa Lady Windy Yang, Taiwan "Onsen Queen" ♨ 別名『溫泉女王』的旅行作家楊麗芳,也是熱愛泡湯達40年的溫泉奇女子。她在40年前初戀「泡湯」時,首度拜訪日本北海道登別溫泉鄉以來,就開始跟溫泉談戀愛,並且走遍日本、韓國、泰國、紐西蘭、瑞士、波蘭、匈牙利、羅馬尼亞等國1000多座溫泉,為了她的溫泉愛人,還學了一口十分道地的「溫泉日語」,目前正在攻讀「溫泉韓語」…



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